How do I care for my roses?

No special care is needed. Place the rose(s) on a table, shelf, or floor. If you need to clean your roses, we advise applying a “spot-stick” method with masking tape as one would on fabric, OR simply use a delicate vacuum with a nozzle. You can also gently shake the roses outside. We stand by the quality of our pieces, and we want you to enjoy your roses for generations to come. 

May I order a replacement rose if one gets damaged?

Yes. If you have purchased a bouquet within 3 years, we will replace single stems at a discounted price of $30.00 per stem. Contact to place your order. 

Why should I buy this instead of a real rose?

The Bold Rose makes a much bigger statement than perishable or plastic flowers. It’s a no-fuss all season gift or decorator piece that lasts forever and is eco-friendly. 

Are the roses available in other colors?

Yes. Multi-colored and limited edition color ways are available seasonally. We’re also happy to accommodate custom orders. Please send your inquiry to

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes. Expect to receive an invitation to participate in our loyalty program if you have opted in to receive email from The Bold Rose. The loyalty program includes monthly discounts as well as limited edition previews, and customized orders are always welcome.