Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts of 2019

Interior Design Inspiration

Photo by Josh Coleman 

We're always looking for special places and unforgettable interiors at The Bold Rose, because we like to celebrate great art, architecture, and design. Our little elves took a moment as this decade winds down to create a line-up of our absolute favorite Instagram accounts of 2019. We hope you enjoy the incredible vision of outstanding interior designers and architects highlighted here as much as we do. Cheers to creating extra special moments in extra special places and a home you love in 2020!

5. @em_henderson - Emily Henderson's bright, white, festive interiors are relatable and warm, combining a casual aesthetic with a sense of fun and airy lightness.

4. @johnmcclaindesign - John McClain Design is refreshingly unpretentious yet sophisticated as hell. My favorite post of 2019 is the peek into his own home (March 25th), a condo designed by mid-century architect, Ray Kappe. It's perfectly contemporary and retro, hitting all the right notes.

3. @beckiowens - Becki Owens features a lovely balance of breathtaking exteriors in a variety of seasons, architectural styles, and geographic locations and as well as interiors that could just as easily be in Newport Beach or Nantucket, for a truly universal and understated luxury. 

2. @ashleytstark - Ashley Stark comes in at #2! The jaw dropping posts come in at a dizzying pace. It's a world unto itself for modern royals and/or billionaires. Be prepared to feel completely transported to the future, the past, and the extraordinary present.

1. @dopedecorz - by @tiagocrena. Is it Art? Architecture? Nature? Way beyond Wright's "groundbreaking" ideas behind Falling Water, this account showcases ultra-modern living environments that blend indoor and outdoor in the most unconventional and unforgettable ways. This is how I want to get back to nature.